Our Services are


for Religious Organizations

All modules of Temple Stack are provided at NO COST to non-profit religious organizations. Modules include:

  • - Content Management: Website & Mobile Apps with easy to use CMS to make updates without tech skills.
  • - Revenue Generation: One Time & Monthly Donations. Online Gift Store, Cafeteria, Services & Pujas.
  • - Devotee Engagement: Devotee accounts & database. Email & SMS Messaging tools. Year end tax reports.
  • - Events & Services: Event Calendaring & Registration. Services Calendar. Priests Booking..
  • - Reports & Dashboards: Tax, Revenue, Product Sale, Event Registration Reports and more.
  • - Onsite Tools: Self Help Kiosk, POS System, QR Ordering modules. H/W to be provided by Temple.

We continue to add new modules every month. If you want to join our team and improve Temple Stack, check out this page.


Temple Stack is supported by Pringle Technologies and Volunteers like you. We believe our expertise in helping businesses become more efficient & successful, can be applied to Temples as well. Allowing Temple boards to focus on the social & community development, and not worry about day to day adminstation.

Our Vision

To help organizations who promote the highest values of Hindu culture, philosophy, spirituality and tradition to the World with benevolence, compassion and tolerance.

Our Mission

To provide the best management tools completely Free to all Temples Worldwide, allowing them to become efficient & effective in reaching their social & community development goals.

Join Us

If you are passionate about creating a technology stack that will completly transform Temples, giving them the tools to serve & promote the Hindu community world wide, then we would like you to join us.

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